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Type de nat bo2 pc HOW TO CHANGE YOUR NAT TYPE TO OPEN!: Black ops 2 PC . HOW TO Open NAT Type on PC Call of Duty WWII - Duration: 6:27. Mezmarr 34,553 views. 6:27. Modern Warfare 3 / Black Ops 2 /GTA 4 - How to change your NAT Type from Strict to Open. Tutoriel pour passer en type de NAT ouvert sur Call of Duty (Modern Warfare - Black Ops) sur PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 & XBOX One. NOUVELLE VIDEO. You can't make parties without having an open NAT type. well, i can and my nat is moderate :q #12. AfterShock. Mar 15, 2014 @ 7:19am mine is moderate also and have no probs making parties, and 3074 is the only required port needed for open nat, the steam ports for the entire 2700 range are for source engine games that have dedicated servers and aren't functional otherwise. Last edited by. ..when I have a strict NAT and I put in BO1, MW3 or BO2, it's still strict, but when I put in MW2 it's open? If I put in one of the other discs after MW2, it stays open aswell. Worked for me when I still had a stitty router and works for a friend of mine aswell: If your nat is strict, put in MW2 a.. Open NAT Type means that the status of your internet connection and its settings are totally open to everything, so you can enjoy smooth CHAT, you can join or host multiplayer games and you can. Been playing BO2 on XBL with open NAT since release date, but just got rid of the 360, and am playing BO2 on PS3. Of course, same networking setup, only now my NAT level is 3. I'm DMZ'ing and PF'ing 88, 5223, 3478, 3479, and 3658. Wireless on a linksys E4200 router, with 12Mb/s dl speed, which is reliable but the best I can do where I am. All I've gotten for my troubles is lag. In BO2, the.

This article provides a detailed explanation of how to open NAT type on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC for Black Ops 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC PS3 Xbox 360 gamocial.com. Read Full Story >> gamocial.com. Releases.com - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases. Ad https://goo.gl/5BdJ4U - Comments (5) + Comments (5) Top Newest Oldest. The story is too old to be commented. Revolver_X_ 2818d. Open NAT (Type 1) There are no restrictions in this NAT type, all the devices can send and receive data of all kinds over the internet, and no firewall is to stop or control any kind of traffic. The data will flow without restrictions and the apps of your device will run smoothly. But, your local network is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Moreover, you will be able to connect to any of the. If you're trying to get Open NAT on more than 1 PC / Console on the same network it is not possible. You can have 2 PC's or more with Moderate NAT but not with Open. For consoles (Open = Type 1 , Moderate = Type 2, Strict = Type 3) ignore this text if you're on PC. Network First off open file explorer and click on network. Finding your router You should find your router in the Network. To join my friend I need open nat type, so can someone help me out? If you know the ports to redacted I can use those to get open nat type. CabConModding Facebook Twitter youtube Discord Contact us RSS. Menu. CabConModding Home. New Top Premium Rules. Games. Fornite Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Clash of Clans Grand Theft Auto 5 Apex Legends Assassin's Creed Origins. Forums. Premium Latest posts. NAT 2 is the same as an Open NAT type, which is the Xbox / CoD language. Treyarch and IW are anally connected to Microsoft, so the Xbox NAT description has carried over into Black Ops 2. For reference, NAT (Network Address Translation) isn't a value you can just change; it's an indication of how well your PS3 is communicating with other PS3's over the Playstation Network. NAT 2 is optimal for.

Type de nat bo2 pc, méthodes pour changer le type nat sur p

Black Ops 2 Port Forwarding (NAT - Open) :: Call of Duty

Open NAT: why is it that

Afin de ne plus avoir un certain message indiquant que votre NAT est modéré il faut ouvrir le ports, Je vais vous expliquer dans ce tuto la méthode à faire lorsquon possède une freebox. Tout dabord, il faut que vous connaissiez ladresse IP de votre XBOX 360. Cest très simple : Parcourez vos menu. If my nat type can be open on bo2 (an 8 year old game) then my type IS in fact open. facts dont care about your feelings. but i care about your downfall. fuck you black ops 3. piece of shit. i just wanted to play rev. fuck you. and fuck you activison Another common reason to open your NAT type is for online game play on game consoles such as the PS3 or Xbox 360. When your NAT is set to strict, you will not be able to host a game, use voice chat or in some cases play at all. If you have an Internet phone service,you may not be able to make or take calls with a strict-rule NAT. Step 1 Type cmd (without the quotes) in the Windows Search box. Bonsoir tous le monde! Matériels : Bbox T PS3 slim Jeux : tous les COD Alors je ne sais pas trop par quoi commencé.. Mon gros - Topic PS3 BBOX COD BO2, NAT STRICT --> OUVERT? du 17-01-2013.

Bonjour, il est chez moi impossible de jouer avec un ami car le nat est modéré et non ouvert et j'aimerai savoir commment l'ouvrir avec une freebox. J'ai pourtant suivi le tuto suivant a la. Im using ExpressVPN on PS3 via the Netduma router and Im wondering if theres anyway I could have an Open NAT Type. Its Moderate atm and I assume its why I keep getting kicked off BO2 lobbies randomly. Thank

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Moderate Nat Issue Fix

  1. It was open earlier but my console crashed. so i restarted it and now bo2 wont leave strict. I am connected via vpn on xbox and i have tried changing locations of the vpn but that wont help. any suggestions
  2. Open - Open NAT Types allow you to chat and play games with anyone on the internet regardless of their NAT Type. Moderate - You can chat and play with most people but not everyone
  3. How to make my rgh nat Open ? Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. How to make my rgh nat Open ? By kupsalou, February 4, 2018 in Other Topics. Reply to this topic; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts. kupsalou 0 kupsalou 0 RMS Freshman; Members; 0 12 posts; Posted February 4, 2018. Hello everyone , I have an rgh Console and every time I try to play COD BO2 on System Link I Can't find any.
  4. How to Open Ports for Black Ops 4 Using Port Forwarding. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game with a rapidly growing player base. Now, this is mainly due to the game's all-new battle royale game mode, titled Blackout. However, with a game mode as competitive as that, it seems players have been having several issues with the game, or its servers to be.
  5. g experience. There are quite a few reasons to set up a port forward for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, such as
  6. Now change your NAT filtering to open. Make sure that Disable SPI Firewall is checked and then click apply and wait for your router to reboot. If this doesn't work then you should check if your UPnP is enabled and if you don't see the NAT Filtering at all then you should update your router to the newest firmware version which can be found at www.netgear.com. Keep Your Connection.
  7. How to Open Ports for Call of Duty: Black Ops III Using Port Forwarding. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is perhaps the best installment yet in the award-winning series, and like the earlier games it has a killer multiplayer mode. Like any online game, though, sometimes your connection with the Call of Duty: Black Ops III servers will be unstable. We're here to help. If you enable port.

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  1. Anyway to open nat type on bo2 using mobile hotspot? Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:30 am. oJoshyo. Challenger; Status: Offline. Joined: Nov 07, 2013 6 Year Member. Posts: 195. Reputation Power: 7 . Title says all, just trying to use my mobile to host and I have a moderate NAT. Trying to OPEN it. #2. Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:46 am. WaWmaniac . Junior Member; Status: Offline. Joined: Mar 09, 2013.
  2. there appears to be an issue with ghost itself. I also have a NAT discrepancy between ghosts and xbox one. All the ports are forwarded for xbox one...
  3. Does someone know the ports from bo2 to set my NAT open.? I already tried thisone 1 192.168.. TCP+UDP 27000-27050 2 192.168.. UDP 4380 3 192.168.. UDP 28960 4 192.168.. UDP 3005 5 192.168.
  4. This time I powered on the 2nd xbox and BO2 still showed Moderate NAT while the 1st xbox that was powered on 2nd showed OPEN NAT across the board. I'm going to remove the 890L and put on my DGL-4500 Rev A2 with v1.23 loaded on it
  5. For Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled BO2 Nat Type Strict Fix (MW2 disc swap trick)

How to Open NAT Type for Black Ops 2 N4

how do i get a open nat type (Nat type 1) in black ops 2? I cant join any of my friends on bo2 on ps3 because i have a moderate nat type (NAT TYPE 2) I put my ps3 in DMZ but it did not work even when i plugged my ps3 directly into my modem nothing changed IL est conseillé d'avoir une Nat Ouverte [ un tuto verra bientôt le jour afin de vous s'expliquer comment ouvrir la nat sur votre -Il faut être l'hôte de la partie pour pouvoir utiliser le Mod menu. -Pour faire un lobby sur un compte, utiliser un Mod menu No host a télécharger dans la section No host Menu. . Bo2 (GSC) 32 Mod Menu Se PKG contient Les Mod Menu Suivant Pour Savoirs Comment.

I was hoping someone could tell me how to change my NAT type to open as I would like to play my games online. Thanks if you help at all :). Cheers!DIV1D3 Depends on the game as well. I have FIFA13. For Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled open nat with pppoe on xfinity? open nat xfinity? Need to know how to change your Xbox 360's NAT type to OPEN from your Linksys wireless router? You're in luck. The process is easy enough to be presented in a relatively slow-paced 1:30-minute tutorial. Take a look

How to Change NAT Type on PC? - Appuals

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to change NAT type to OPEN

Quote Reply Topic: BO2 is Broken : Posted: 14 Nov 2012 at 12:37pm Can't even get into a public match and my internet is fine ( Open Nat Type ) and I have just been on BO2 official Activion forums and it seems almost everyone is having the same proble re: Changing NAT type from Strict to Open when my privacy settings are on closed (no invite/join at all) my router goes strict, when i change it back to open, the open staus also goes back. George That is to say, if there's not many people on BO2, your NAT will say open, but if there's a whole lot, it will say moderate. If your connection is better when it says moderate, than open is probably because youe pulled host & suffering are suffering from lag comp, not actual lag. Up vote (0) UN. UneasyJmitchell. Replied on January 15, 2013. In reply to Galactic Geek's post on January 15, 2013. Firstly, you'll need to go to: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Windows Command Processor. Or Start>Search Programs and Files>Cmd. Then you'll need to open cmd and type ipconfig (without the quotation marks) and press enter. When you've done that scroll to the top and find your Default gateway, Open a new tab or window and type that in

That is to say, if there's not many people on BO2, your NAT will say open, but if there's a whole lot, it will say moderate. If your connection is better when it says moderate, than open is probably because youe pulled host & suffering are suffering from lag comp, not actual lag. Up vote (0) UN. UneasyJmitchell Replied on January 15, 2013. In reply to Galactic Geek's post on January 15, 2013. Le NAT est ouvert en journée mais passé 16h je ne peux plus accéder au mode en ligne de ce jeu et le NAT passe en modéré. Et c'est comme ça tous les soirs. Je suis obligé de redémarrer ma bbox ainsi que ma console pour pouvoir jouer. C'est loin d'être pratique toute cette manipulation NAT Strict in BO2 Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. NAT Strict in BO2. By Tyrant, March 6, 2013 in Games. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Tyrant 0 Tyrant.

Question - How can I get open nat type on redacted

  1. imal or the device has a fully compliant version of UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) enabled by default. Moderate NAT means that the port-assignment policy is
  2. Hacking section for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Get all of your favorite BO2 hacks, Cheats, Trainers and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack downloads - all in one place. Find aimbots, wall hacks, cheats all for BO2 here
  3. solution nat open call of duty ghost sur xbox on fr. WanTeD973. Suivre. il y a 6 ans | 52 vues. slt a tous je vous présente une vidéo sur comment avoir une nat ouvert et tombé sur des bon serveur call of duty ghost sur xbox one. Signaler. Vidéos à découvrir.
  4. Open NAT: This is the best NAT Type, enabling you to connect to other players with no issues. You can also host multiplayer games with users of any NAT Type. Moderate NAT: This is mostly ok, but not ideal - connection to games is slower, game lag is more likely and you won't host games most of the time. Strict NAT: This is the worst NAT Type - you can only connect with Open Nat players.

Infinity Ward is the original studio behind the Call of Duty franchise. That heritage means a great deal to us and even more to our fans. We have fresh and familiar faces, talented people striving to make the greatest video games possible Ideally, when you test your internet connection on your PlayStation 4 you want to get NAT Type 2, and you don't want to get NAT Type 3. Please follow the instructions in the following post, How to Change Your NAT Type on PS4 and PS3, but in addition you will also need to open the following port: 1935; This should let you get a decent connection on your game if you're having issues. N4G. *Required Field. All texts are automated, subject to Activision's SMS terms, and consent is optional, not a condition of purchase or use of Activision support or service.Message and Data Rates may apply. By clicking SUBMIT, you agree to the SMS terms and agree that Activision may send you text messages at the above number about your customer service request Strict NAT (Type 3) - your gaming device has limited connectivity with other players. Other players on a moderate or strict NAT will not be able to join your hosted games. This is the case when the router doesn't have any open ports. So, you'll have the best gaming experience if you're on an open NAT or at least a moderate NAT. This is. j'ai un souci je sait pas comment faire pour changer mon type de nat sur bo3 sur ps4 j'ai ma boxe qui ai sur nat 2 (moderer) et sur bo2 je suis sur Changing NAT Type requires altering some settings on your router. And these settings can be different depending on the make and model of the router you use. Check to see if the NAT Type on your PS4 changes and if you your multiplayer gaming.

Black Ops 2 NAT type on PS3? Yahoo Answer

Je vous présente en telechargement le menu BO2 dex Anti FED. Les principales caractéristiques de ce menu et qu il ne freeze pas ! Vous revenez au menu principal en cas de freeze ce qui est un net avantage. Son inconvenient est qu il ne fonctionne pas en mod ZOMBIE. Cliquer ici pour telecharger le menu DEX ANTI FED. Pour savoir comment l installer suivez cette vidéo, il vous suffit d inserer. tTorrent est simplement le meilleur client de téléchargement de fichiers torrent (P2P) sur Android. Téléchargez de gros fichiers comme des films, des albums de musiques, des logiciels, des fichiers MP3 et d'autres médias de divertissement gratuits sur votre smartphone ou votre tablette très rapidement. Une connexion internet haut débit (Wi-Fi, 4G) est nécessaire BO2 Optimizations Summary - Useful optimization list thread. Contents. 1 Availability. 1.1 DLC and expansion packs; 2 Essential improvements. 2.1 Skip intro videos; 3 Game data. 3.1 Configuration file(s) location; 3.2 Save game data location; 3.3 Save game cloud syncing; 4 Video settings; 5 Input settings; 6 Audio settings. 6.1 Localizations; 6.2 Latin American audio mod; 7 VR support; 8. Early Access to the Open Beta. Accès anticipé à la Bêta ouverte, d'abord sur PlayStation•4. Woods Operator Pack for immediate use in Modern Warfare and Warzone* Confrontation Weapons Pack. Land, Sea and Air Pack (9 items)** Battle Pass Bundle (1 Season Battle Pass + 20 Tier Skips)*** *Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Call of Duty: Warzone requis sur la plateforme de précommande pour.

How to Change your NAT settings to OPEN on a PS3

PS3 NAT is measured in a different way than a 360's 360 NAT varieties are Open Strict and reasonable on a PS3 it incredibly is Nat form a million, 2 or 3 not sure it incredibly is which yet one means its strict one means its open working by a router and the different means open working by a modem. or so i think o Like and sub for the fast information fifa 13 פיפא 12 קומנטייטור גיימר מיינקראפט minecraft cod mw2 mw3 fifa 12 career mode texture pack טקסטורות tec..

How to change NAT type on Call of Duty: Warzone

  1. Force Host Works BEST With Open Nat Type Q. Call of Duty - Black Ops Collection PS3 (Pack 3 jeux pour PS3) Classification PEGI : 12 ans et. Cara Setting atau Install. 24: Download-Image Injector : Download ️ Modern Warfare 2: -All In one : Download. 05 GiB, ULed by iTzZ_Fenix: 1: 0: Games (BLES01717) Fix 3. 06-01-2013, 08:10 PM #6 xXcodgmRTE. 16 (Hidden Location). Ps3hen bo2 mod menu. so.
  2. Xbox A - OPEN NAT Xbox B - MODERATE NAT When playing COD BO2, powering on Xbox B first, followed by Xbox A, the following occurs: Xbox A - OPEN NAT Xbox B - OPEN NAT I've tried every possible QOS configuration (DIR-857) in attempts to consistently obtain OPEN NAT on both Xbox 360's. I've done PORT FORWARDING configurations (DIR-857) in attempts.
  3. The wise SMB, I need your aid! I'm trying to change my NAT from strict to open on Black Ops 2. I've followed a few YouTube videos and also the guidance..
  4. g. Things i have tried in order to correct the problem : 1. I have forwarded all of the correct ports. 2. I have turned off the homehub's firewall. 3. I have given the PC a static IP address (in.

Hi everyone. I've moved into my new house and was testing out the internet by playing a few matches of MW3. Seemed really laggy at first when playing with ra Changing NAT type from moderate to open for PS3 on... Hello, Pretty simple really. I want to be able to change my NAT type from Moderate to Open whilst playing FIFA 12 on the PS3. I am using a BT Home Hub 2. I have read various posts about Port Forwarding and DMZ but what is the method that will open the NAT type indefinitely. I have read that it can only be altered. UPnP is often the easiest way to open your NAT. Enable UPnP in your PS3 and router so established programming manipulates the connection. Personally, I don't trust someone else's data base and like to confirm all required ports are correctly configured by using Port Fowarding. Next let's look at the ports BO2 uses to connect to your. idem et après une petite enquête il semble que tous les abonnés free (fibre a voir)sont en nat modéré sur xbox 360 voir même certains strict sur la xbox one.le probleme pour ma pare est survenu sur call of duty bo2 lors de la mise a jour du freebox player nous étions 3 de chez free a etre passer a 2 barres de connexion sur 4 en filaire avec 10000kbps en upload et une amie avec 800kbps

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Comment configurer la redirection de port sur un routeur. Pour des raisons évidentes de sécurité, les ports non utilisés d'un routeur sont fermés. Par contre, il vous arrivera surement d'avoir besoin d'ouvrir un de ces ports pour que telle.. 1) The labels for NAT types of Strict, Moderate, and Open are terms invented by Microsoft and used by other gaming console manufacturers like Sony for the PS3/PS4. They are not official or defined networking terms, and thus do not appear in any router configuration. However, they do have specific meaning. They refer to how the security algorithm that the network address translation (NAT. Résolu Bug bo2 zombieland. Bonjours tous le monde je voudrais que vous m'aidez car quand je veux activée le zombieland je clique éditor ensuite sur open a project et il mette se message d'erreur une exception non gérée s'est produite dans votre application impossible de trouve une parti de chemin... merci de m'aider . Mr-Demoniak92240; Discussion; 5 Février 2017; Réponses: 1; Forum. Check the NAT type. Look at the word to the right of the NAT Type field. If this word is Strict or Moderate, you can continue to the next part of this article. If the word here is Open, your Xbox LIVE issues are unrelated to the NAT type. Consider calling your Internet service provider or troubleshooting your network yourself BO2 Server Hosting Support PlutoT6 server set-up guide. PlutoT6 server set-up guide. Topic created · 1 Posts · 12411 Views This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Xerxes Plutonium Staff Staff last edited by Xerxes . Requirements: A PC to host the server, running either Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019. An Internet connection (where you can.

Open NAT: This is the optimum type, allowing you to chat and party up with players freely. You can also host multiplayer games with people of any type. Moderate NAT: It is better than strict type, but the connection will still be slower, with certain lags, and also, you won't host the games in most cases. Strict NAT: This is the worst type. Allows you to connect to players who have an Open. xboxresolver #1 get IPAddress's from xbox live gamertags fast and easy. only fully working xbox resolve

Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War NAT Type 'Strict' - How

Apps failing to stay connected - BO, BO2, etc. General questions. Search Advanced search. 32 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; N0man Posts: 299 Joined: Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:56 am. Re: Apps failing to stay connected - BO, BO2, etc. Post by N0man » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:16 am Did you port forward the port with the destination ip address set? Also, did you accidentally check log this rule, because it. Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the worl [BO2] Glitches, hacks, boost et tutoriaux [BO2] Hacking et modifications [BO2] Question Hacks & Mods. Résolu. Résolu Comment Ouvrir Les Fichiers .EDAT ? Auteur de la discussion HackTualité; Créé le 8 Mars 2014; Statut N'est pas ouverte pour d'autres réponses.. My nat type on cally of duty is set to strict and I cant get it to change to open. I have tried everything I can think of does any1 have any other soloution. I can get a game easy but get kicked out sometimes and cant join game invites at all. I have a nat type 2 when doing a connection test. I have tried it wireless and wired Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Season Pass purchasers will have access to four downloadable Map Packs and Nuketown Zombies upon their release, as well as an exclusive Calling Card - The Deuce available now. As new Season Pass content becomes available, it can be downloaded from the Call of Duty: Black Ops II in-game store

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Help please, BO2 Force host with OPEN NAT and STILL no one

  1. So. I used to have two xbox's running and one would get an Open nat and one would get a Moderate nat. This worked out ok. Then I got a. Over 30 Clan. Call of Duty Clan Page : Back to Main Website Home First REGISTER HERE Then APPLY HERE Search . Register Blogs Videos Log in Photos Rules : Over 30 Clan has moved. New site same domain. Visit www.over30clan.com to Register and Apply. See You.
  2. g device can connect to anyone's games and host games. Plus - other users will be able to find and connect to the games you are hosting. This is usually the case when your console is connected directly to the Internet with no router or firewall
  3. A lire sur millenium : Le patch note des modèles d'armes de la maj de la saison 5 est disponible sur Call of Duty Modern Warfare et Warzone. La mise à jour d'aujourd'hui corrige quelques bugs, mais résout principalement le problème de la corruption des modèles d'armes à l'écran
  4. NOTICE: Activision Forums are Shutting Down Effective January 28, 2020, the Activision forums will be taken offline. For support issues, users can visit the.
  5. These are all ports that you need to open for Sony's first party systems (such as voice chat, PSN, remote play etc.) and games, and should, once rebooting your console, allow you to have NAT Type 2, which is what you're looking for
  6. NAT Type 1 - Open; NAT Type 2 - Moderate; NAT Type 3 - Strict; You might think that an Open or Type 1 NAT is ideal, but it's really not advised to set your router to it. It may.
  7. The latest Tweets from Ourq_Nos Bo2垢 (@ren_nishida). bo2 NAT OPENの方は常時フレンド募集しています Ps3ID :I3o__Rqmです一言もらえたら承認します 基本AR持ってま

NAT Open on Xbox, Strict on BO3/AW - Microsoft Communit

If you are using port forwarding to open up the NAT settings, you will need your computer's IP address as well as the ports that need to be opened. To find your computer's IP, go to the Windows Start Menu and type 'cmd.exe' into the run box without the quotes. When the command utility opens up, type in ipconfig. This will give you information on your computer and what it's IP address is. The. NAT Type * Check how the PS3™ system is connected to the Internet. This information can be used to judge the ease or difficulty of connecting to other PS3™ systems when using voice / video chat or the communication features of games. Type 1: Connected directly to the Internet Type 2: Connected to the Internet via a router Type 3: Connected to the Internet via a router With type 3, it may.

We all have the Reloaded version. The thing is, we set up the Hamachi network (also tried via VPN) but can't seem to find each other's lobby. I am not entirely sure if this is the process to host a lobby, but here it is: I launch the game and enter zombies, then my friends are trying to look up my game (via the Server Browser or the Find Games option), but they cannot seem to find it How to get open nat type with vpn Receive The Latest Inspiration and Advice. Unsubscribe Anytime Résultats de recherche pour open Résultats 11 à 20 (sur 37) Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Par LeviAckerman il y a 1 an et 1 mois . 1 vote | 12 parties | 1 com. | Description : Catégorie : Technologies et médias > Jeux vidéo. call of duty black ops jeux videos. black ops zombie Par HarpieRiviere92 il y a 7 ans et 4 mois . 5 votes | 235 parties | 9 com. | Description : défi proposé par moi.

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