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The Acclamator -class assault transport was 752 meters long, 460 meters in width, and 200 meters in height. Its mission profile required it to both carry troops and engage enemy starships: the Acclamator was designed to assault contested systems, break hostile orbital blockades, and land troops directly on the battlefield The Acclamator II -class was designed primarily to carry out orbital bombardments, and as such its troop complement was reduced by nearly eighty percent in order to make room for the added weaponry. Under the Galactic Empire, Acclamator II -class assault ships were often used to reinforce the defense of Cardan -class space stations

Le transport d'assaut de classe Acclamator I, également connu sous le nom de croiseur d'assaut de la République, était un vaisseau stellaire créé pour la République Galactique par l' Ingénierie Lourde de Rothana The Acclamator I-class assault ship was one of the most recognizable ships of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. It quickly gained a reputation as a formidable starship, sporting an impressive blend of fire power and transport capability

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Acclamator Assault Ship - Star Wars - Space Engineers Captain Jack. Loading... Unsubscribe from Captain Jack? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 192K. Loading. Designed and produced for quick strikes, Acclamator was heavy assault ship for invasions, conquest and long range operations. Unfortunately ship can't fight with heavy CIS units like Lucrehulk, and in second year of Clone Wars conflict, Republic replace Acclamator with new, dangerous unit, Venator The Acclamator -class transgalactic military assault ship first appeared in the 2002 episodic film, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Initially referred to as the Jedi troop transport, the triangular shape of the starship was intended to be a nod to the Imperial Star Destroyers of the original trilogy You are free to use my designs on your world or server as long as you give me credit for the design itself. Also if you post it anywhere make sure you either..

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Star Wars Acclamator Assault Ship for Space Engineers. Released May 17th, 2020. Ranked 320 of 33,062 with 1,286 (1 today) downloads. Published by TheOnlyET1008 (mod ID: 123574) Description. Subscribe to install 902. Mostly Positive. 7. 2 Share. View. je ne suis pas sur de faire ce brickfilm je le précis Check out our documentary style videos. Our best videos yet! Complete Cloning History | Ancient Kaminoans, Clone Army, Reborn Emperor Palpatine : https://you..

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  1. Star Wars Acclamator Assault Ship for Space Engineers. Released Jun 14th, 2020. Ranked 4,748 of 33,116 with 114 (0 today) downloads. Published by mysonisazombie (mod ID: 134099) Description. Subscribe to install 69. Unrated. 0. 0 Share. View.
  2. Lors de la bataille de Géonosis, les Acclamator constituent le pivot de la flotte républicaine face aux Croiseurs de Guerre de la Fédération du Commerce et aux chasseurs de classe Nantex des Forces..
  3. d if I fix this map? Ill give you full credit. PootisMayo Sep 5 @ 5:40am Could you still fix the textures, please? It's been roughly two years since this map got an update. ܓLauch [author] Sep 5 @ 3:34am.
  4. Star Wars Acclamator for Space Engineers. Released May 9th, 2020. Ranked 2,099 of 33,089 with 1,070 (0 today) downloads. Published by CrazyJohn88 (mod ID: 120447) Description. Subscribe to install 665. Positive. 4. 0 Share. View.
  5. Annexes Bibliographie : document utilisé comme source pour la rédaction de cet article. Curtis Saxton et Hans Jenssen (trad. de l'anglais), Star Wars : Plans secrets : Episode I à VI : Star wars vaisseaux et engins, Paris, Nathan, 2007, 151 p. (ISBN 978-2-09-251363-7)(en) Stephen Sansweet, Daniel Wallace, Bob Vitas et Daniel Wallace, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, LucasBooks, 2008.

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The Death Star is the Empire's battle station which can destroy planets. It appears throughout the Star Wars franchise, particularly the original trilogy.. Dooku's solar sailer. Darth Tyranus, also known as Count Dooku (Christopher Lee), reaches Coruscant near the end of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones aboard a Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop, better known as a solar. Le transport transgalactique de classe Acclamator était un transport de troupes républicain et l'ancêtre du destroyer stellaire de classe Impérial. Transport Transgalactique de c... Variante du.. Acclamator I-class assault ship (Star Wars) Published on May 26th, 2019, 5/26/19 1:47 am. 10 diamonds; 789 views, 2 today; 3 comments; 5 favorites; 10. 5; comment 3; playlist_add; share. more_horiz. stars Feature on profile; code Embed; flag Report; PMCBBCode. HTML. URL. remove_circle; 2721093. MinecraftMegabuilding Level 38: Artisan Miner. Subscribe 81. Acclamator-class transgalactic military. Variante du célèbre Acclamator clone destinée aux bombardements orbitaux

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The Acclamator I-class assault ship, also known as the Republic assault ship, Acclamator I-class Star Destroyer, Acclamator I-class medium frigate, Acclamator Cruiser, or just Acclamator, were starships created for the Republic.They were later upgraded and used by the Galactic Empire.While the Venator-class Star Destroyer was mainly used for space combat in the middle stages of the Clone Wars. Star Wars Acclamator Assault Ship for Space Engineers. Released May 19th, 2020. Ranked 5,281 of 32,975 with 487 (0 today) downloads. Published by XxVIRALxx2 (mod ID: 124384) Description. Subscribe to install 324. Mixed. 3. 2 Share. View.

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This page features pre-release information from FFG, subject to change. 1 Defense Tokens 2 Traits 3 Possible Upgrades 4 Available Through Brace Redirect Salvo Clone. Bombard. Transport. Acclamator-class Titles Officer Weapons Team Defensive Retrofit Ordnance Turbolasers Galactic Republic Fleet.. Les transports d'assaut de classe Acclamator sont composés de deux sous-classes principales et de plusieurs modifications: Transport d'assaut de classe Acclamator I Transport d'assaut de classe Acclamator II Ceci est une page d'homonymie qui regroupe des pages qui ont le même nom. Si un lien arrive ici, peut-être devriez-vous le modifier afin qu'il arrive dans une page précise directement

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This page features pre-release information from FFG, subject to change. 1 Defense Tokens 2 Traits 3 Possible Upgrades 4 Available Through Brace Redirect Salvo Clone. Transport. Acclamator-class Titles Officer Weapons Team Offensive Retrofit Ordnance Turbolasers Weapons Team & Offensive Retrofit Galactic Republic Fleet Starte Encyclopédie Acclamator 2 : Transport transgalactique de classe Acclamator, Transport Transgalactique de classe Acclamator II, Lodestar, Sans-Peur, Prosecutor, Arrestor, Majestic . Star Wars.

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Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship İndir Paylaş . Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1.785 indirme , 4,6 MB 4 Haziran 2019, Salı. More mods by Samperfield: Uluslararası; 5.0 648 7 RATP (Paris Bus) By Samperfield. Hava Aracı; Askeri Jet; Hayali; 5.0 1.767 32 Star wars III ARC-170 Star Fighter ADDON/REPLACE. V2.0 BETA. By Samperfield. Yumruk; 5.0 1.009 9 Roman Sword. 1.0. By Samperfield. The Acclamator-class Assault Ship, formally called the Acclamator-class Transgalactic Military Assault Ship and sometimes simply called the Republic Assault Ship, was a class of warship used by the Galactic Republic Navy throughout the Clone Wars of 22 to 19 BBY The Acclamator-class Assault Ship, primarily deployed for the transportation of soldiers to a planet's surface and as a support ship, is a frigate used by the Galactic Republic. It is impossible to spawn inside the frigate as the ship does not have enough room and is not made to do so in the game Hello everybody, I am new at this building thing so i hope you enjoy this star wars ship, i plan to do more in the future. this ship was originally supposed to be 752 block long, but that was to long for my world to render so i made it a 6th of the scale, equaling 125 blocks long. Now it is hollow on the inside but it is great for a survival base and/or a minecraft adventure map/mini movie.

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From the makers of Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War, Ascendancy is a Star Wars mod set after the Battle of Endor in the Star Wars Galaxy. Fight for galactic ascendancy as multiple factions from this period in Star Wars history This is my custom version of the star wars clone war Acclamator class assault ship. Progress: 100% complete: Tags: Air Structure. 3d Art. Spaceship. Starwars. Clonewars. Acclamator. Assaultship. 2. 08/24/2020 8:22 pm. Level 7: Apprentice Explorer. ZenixTheHungry. No interior shots? 1. 08/24/2020 8:49 pm. Level 17: Journeyman Crafter. AlexLionGamer. there are now . tools/tracking. 4734899. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Unduh Bagikan. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1.771 unduhan , 4,61 MB Selasa, 04 Juni 2019. More mods by Samperfield: senjata Jarak dekat; 5.0 996 9 Roman Sword. 1.0. By Samperfield. Internasional; 5.0 250 0 TCL Lyon Bus. By Samperfield. Kapal Udara; 4.33 1.324 20 STAR WARS - Republic gunship (replace hydra) test version. By Samperfield. Internasional.

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  1. The Acclamator-class Assault Ship formed the backbone of the Grand Army of the Republic, shuttling clone legions from battle to battle. The first GAR warship to appear in the Clone Wars, the Acclamator became synonymous with the Galactic Senate's war effort
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  3. He is reaching a fairly wide audience of Star Wars fans, many of which are pretty young and impressionable, who will carry those ideas throughout his life. That's a lot of brainbugs, and I wouldn't be surprised if future EU comic/novel/game creators are among them. Someone ought to fill him in on the Curtis Saxton consensus before it gets too cringeworthy. Vote Up 5 Vote Down Reply. 2.
  4. Acclamator IV-class assault ship Production information Manufacturer Tachibana Heavy Engineering Product line Acclamator-class Model Acclamator IV-class assault ship Class Assault ship Technical specifications Shielding Superior Armament 115-J heavy turbolaser batteries (28)115-B turbolasers (24)115-X heavy dual turbolaser turrets (8)115-C quad turbolaser cannons (14)TX-6 heavy ion cannons (16.
  5. imum size limit of 700 meters. These ships barely exceeded this

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy The Acclamator-Class Assault Ship, produced by Rothana Heavy Engineering for Kamino's cloners, quickly became a staple of the Old Republic's clone legions.Produced on a scale to match that of the Clone Troopers it was designed to carry, dozens of the ships were crewed and ready to depart when Jedi Master Yoda arrived to mobilize an. Talk:Acclamator-class assault ship. Jump to navigation Jump to search This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Star Wars, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the Star Wars saga on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Redirect This redirect does not require a rating.

The Acclamator also isnt half a ISD in size because size expand in 3 dimensions, and the tail of the Acclamator is also very thin. You also talk about reconfigurating the complement of the Acclamator to carry more fighters than an ISD can. You forget a ISD can change its complement too, as dedicated carrier, a ISD can easily carry 3 times Venator complement or 800 TIEs + support craft. Its. Croiseur Acclamator : Auteur Message; Yodémy Jeune Membre de l'Ordre Nombre de messages: 780 Age: 31 Localisation: Belgique Emploi: Etudiant Loisirs: je critique pour un mag de literature imaginair, Livres, Star wars, Jeux Vidéo, V for Vendetta Date d'inscription : 14/05/2007: Sujet: Croiseur Acclamator Lun 21 Jan - 13:45: Lorsque la guerre des clones commenca, la république eut besoin de. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Изтегли Сподели . Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1 767 изтегляния , 5 МБ 04 юни 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Международни; 5.0 648 7 RATP (Paris Bus) By Samperfield. Авиация; Белетристични; 5.0 658 15 Star WARS - Jedi Fighter Ep2 Attack of the Clones . 0.0 test. By Samperfield.

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The Acclamator-class cruiser is the backbone of early-tech Imperial fleets. This frigate carries 3 TIE fighter squadrons and one TIE bomber squadron, and has an abundant supply of armaments, some of it shield-penetrating. With its armament it can serve as a reliable support vessel for larger capital ships. At later tech levels, the ship is limited by its weak armor, although it is the only. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Letöltés Megosztás. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1 742 letöltés , 5 MB 2019. június 4. More mods by Samperfield: Légijármű; Vadászgép; Kitalált; 5.0 1 725 32 Star wars III ARC-170 Star Fighter ADDON/REPLACE. V2.0 BETA. By Samperfield. Nemzetközi; 3.5 495 7 Marseille RTM Bus. By Samperfield. 94 2 EurocopterTigre Camo fr . V1.0 ALPHA. By. The Acclamator Assault ship was primarily a transport ship for the Republic during the Clone Wars. It appears notably at the end of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.\r \r The MC40a was a small Mon Calamari ship used by the Rebel Alliance up to and after the Battle of Endor, though it never appeared in Return of the Jedi or any other Star Wars. Star Wars: Empire at War (and its Forces of Corruption expansion) was one of the only times the Acclamator sought direct combat. Some Acclamators (now later referred to as Acclamator I's) have been converted into Acclamator II's for more firepower in exchange for cargo capacity, which were then further upgraded into Acclamator III's for having enough firepower to be considered 'Star Destroyers.

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Despite being a predecessor to Star Destroyers, the Acclamator I-class Assault Ship has seen almost no deployment under the Imperial flag. Rather, this vessel was designed and originally commissioned during the Old Republic. During this time, they were utilized primarily as troop transports against Separatist forces and were armed for the part. Capable of landing to deliver troops, the. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Last ned Del. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1 757 nedlastninger , 4,6 MB 4. juni 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Internasjonal; 86 2 Bus francaisTLC loir et cher 41. By Samperfield. 94 2 EurocopterTigre Camo fr . V1.0 ALPHA. By Samperfield. Luftkjøretøy; Oppdiktet ; 5.0 646 15 Star WARS - Jedi Fighter Ep2 Attack of the Clones . 0.0 test. By.

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This is our take on the Star Wars Acclamator-Class Assault Ship. We took the basic hull design as seen in the Star Wars Universe, and proceeded to add paint, weapons, and interior as we saw fit. We did use multiple mods to make this ship (see below) so it is posted as a world. Dimensions: 1/2 scale, 375m Long, 92.5m Tall, and 230m in Width, and 53,890,152kg. This ship causes some pretty bad. Sold as part of Hasbro's Micro-Machines product line and with the Star Wars Saga livery, the 2003 Action Fleet collection consisted of 15 space vessels or multi-vehicle and creatures sets. The Republic Assault Ship (aka the Acclamator-class transport) is one of the six space vessels and land vehicles that represent the Prequel Trilogy. It is an. [Source: Star Wars: The Clone Wars] Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ships, or Acclamator-class assault ships, more commonly called Republic assault ships, were military warships utilized by the Galactic Republic for ferrying clone troopers across the galaxy. They were first deployed at the Battle of Geonosis after transporting the clone army from Kamino, and subsequently. The Acclamator-I class assault cruiser or the Acclamator-class assault cruiser, sometimes known as the Acclamator-class Star Destroyer or the assault cruiser is a cruiser used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars era. They make a comeback for the Galactic Empire during The Last of the Droids era. These ships are now painted grey instead of red for the Empire. The Acclamator-class has.

Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship डाउनलोड Share. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1,695 downloads , 4.61 MB जून 04, 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Melee; 4.75 491 8 Roman Pilum. 1.0. By Samperfield. International; 3.5 491 7 Marseille RTM Bus. By Samperfield. Aircraft; Fictional; 5.0 430 12 Star WARS - Jedi Fighter Ep2 Attack of the Clones . 0.0 test. By Samperfield. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Завантажити Поділитися . Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1 756 завантажень , 4,6 МБ 04 Червня 2019. More mods by Samperfield: International; 5.0 79 1 Transisère Bus 38. By Samperfield. Handgun; 5.0 2 142 16 Golden Gun Francisco Scaramanga. 2.0. By Samperfield. Aircraft; Military Jet; Fictional; 5.0 1 737 32 Star. The Acclamator-class Assault Ship is a class of light capital ship used by various factions! It was produced by Kuat Drive Yards! The Acclamator-class Assault Ship was designed primarily to carry out orbital bombardments but was also capable of acting as a carrier Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Muat Turun Share. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1,788 muat turun , 4.61 MB 04 Jun, 2019. More mods by Samperfield: International; 86 2 Bus francaisTLC loir et cher 41. By Samperfield. International; 5.0 648 7 RATP (Paris Bus) By Samperfield. Map Editor; Menyoo; 5.0 2,554 53 Realistic School class . 1.0. By Samperfield. International; 3.5 500 7.

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Mar 9, 2015 - Acclamator I-class assault ship - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wik Jul 21, 2015 - The Acclamator II-class assault ship, also referred to as the Acclamator II-class transgalactic military assault ship, was an assault ship based on the Acclamator-class assault ship and was first used by the Galactic Republic near the end of the Clone Wars. The Acclamator II-class was designed primarily to carry out o Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Stáhnout Share. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1.772 stažení , 4,6 MB 04. červen 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Melee; 5.0 997 9 Roman Sword. 1.0. By Samperfield. Mezinárodní ; 5.0 79 1 Transisère Bus 38. By Samperfield. Aircraft; Fictional; 5.0 668 15 Star WARS - Jedi Fighter Ep2 Attack of the Clones . 0.0 test. By Samperfield. Mezinárodní. The Acclamator III-class assault ship was the third generation frigate of the Acclamator-class created by Rothana Heavy Engineering years before whereas the III-class was created by Tachibana Heavy Engineering. Eight of the original turbolasers were replaced with 115-J heavy turbolaser cannons as well as four more THE-3XX proton torpedo launch tubes being added alongside the hull of the.

Endlich wieder mal ein Video;D Created with MAGIX Video deluxe M Acclamator Class Star Destroyer - done with 3dsmax/3DCoat, references were from model's screenshots and cross-section's book =) Star Wars - Rdemption's project. The Acclamator was an assault-ship used by the Galactic Republic. These ships have participated in numerous space battles, and were also utilized to land clone troopers, AT-TEs, and other clone artillery on a planet. This iconic ship could serve as a display piece or playable model for Lego builders ranging from experts to beginners, or a die-hard Star Wars fan to a child building for the.

This is a 1:1 scale acclamator from star wars, i see very little of this ship on minecraft maps or just up for downloads so i was very excited when i decided to start building this, it will be up for download when its finished, as of yet its clearly lacking intricate detail and an interior. this map will allow you explore the ship, roleplay and blow it up as you wish. if you have any. The Acclamator-class Assault Ship was an assault ship used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and saw limited use by the Galactic Empire.. History Reign of the Galactic Empire Black Eight. A pirate fleet of Acclamator-class Assault Ships were over Kallos, possibly in conjunction with the rogue Jedi that remained below there.One of the Acclamators was equipped with an orbital cannon.

Acclamator-class Assault Ship is a Vehicle in the Star Wars universe. Now, click EDIT to start adding more details! Description . Click EDIT to update the description. History. Click EDIT to. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Download Delen. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1.578 downloads , 4,61 MB 4 juni 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Internationaal; 86 2 Bus francaisTLC loir et cher 41. By Samperfield. Internationaal; 5.0 77 1 Transisère Bus 38. By Samperfield. 90 2 EurocopterTigre Camo fr . V1.0 ALPHA. By Samperfield. Handgemeen ; 5.0 893 9 Roman Sword. 1.0. By. Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. Thingiverse is a universe of things Star Wars Clone Wars | Legends Mod is a mod for Empire at War Forces of Corruption which is based off of the Clone Wars multi media project. Each scenario takes place during a different year of the clone wars and will have allow you to fight for the Galactic Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, LUCAS Georges, COLEMAN Rob, FILONI Dave, KRSTIC, Lucasfilm Animation, 2008. The Clone Wars 3D : Season One , FILONI Dave & MELCHING Steve, Cartoon Network, 2008-2009. Dark Times #1-5 : The Path to Nowhere , HARRISON Mick & WHEATLEY Doug, Dark Horse, 2006-2007 Nov 13, 2018 - Explore Pierre MiniBricks' photos on Flickr. Pierre MiniBricks has uploaded 214 photos to Flickr The Acclamator 2 render will be coming soon... Hello guest register or sign in Republic at War is a total conversion modification for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod replaces the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy. Republic at War focuses heavily on the theatrical films but also contains content from the Clone Wars cartoon. From Holocron - Star Wars Combine. Jump to: navigation, search. Acclamator I-class Assault Ship: Navigational Stats: Hyperspeed 1.0 Sublight Speed 10 MGLT Max Speed 100 km/h Maneuverability 2.00 Sensors 8 ECM 0 Abilities: Escape Pods 25 Docking Bay Yes Hangar Bay Yes Landing Capacity Yes Flight Grade Repulsorlifts Yes Graviton Generators n/a Docking Port 1 Medical Room n/a Recycling n/a. Star wars II ACCLAMATOR Republic ship Descarregar Compartir. Samperfield. All Versions (current) 1.783 descàrregues , 5 MB 04 de Juny de 2019. More mods by Samperfield: Pistola; 5.0 2.161 17 Golden Gun Francisco Scaramanga. 2.0. By Samperfield. 94 2 EurocopterTigre Camo fr . V1.0 ALPHA. By Samperfield. Aeronau; Jet militar; Fictici ; 5.0 1.762 32 Star wars III ARC-170 Star Fighter ADDON.

Star Wars Acclamator-class Assault Ship. By AdamKop Watch. 633 Favourites. 61 Comments. 7K Views. 3d 3dfanart 3dmodel clonewars prequel sciencefiction scifi spaceship starwars starwarsclonewars starwarsfanart prequeltrilogy. Hello everyone, here's a personal project of mine that I did some time ago. It's a slightly updated Acclamator as we saw it in the Attack of the Clones but never got. La guerre des clones (Clone Wars en anglais) est un événement de la saga cinématographique Star Wars.Il s'agit d'une guerre de sécession qui oppose la République galactique à la Confédération des systèmes indépendants (CSI). Elle se déroule de 22 à 19 av. BY, et se conclut par la dissolution de la CSI et de l'ordre Jedi, la chute de la République et l'avènement de l'Empire. 09-feb-2017 - All Things Star Wars descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest.. Guardado desde starwars.wikia.com. Acclamator-class assault ship. The Acclamator-class assault ship, alternatively referred to as the Acclamator-class trans-galactic military transport ship or Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship, or by the shorter names Acclamator. 3D model Star Wars Acclamator acclamator star wars capital ship, formats FBX, ready for 3D animation and other 3D project hi, hier bin ich mal wieder mit einem costume moc er ist nicht so groß da ich nicht so viele teile hatte enjo

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According to Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes, the Star Wars Episode II Incredible Cross-Sections states, that an Acclamator has a firewower of 24 light guns with 6 megatons per shot and 12 heavy guns with 200 gigatons per shot. Wookieepedia has, also in reference to Star Wars Episode II Incredible Cross-Sections, published the same values. I think, that this is very interessting because. Discussion:Technologie de Star Wars. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. Autres discussions . Suppression; Neutralité ; Droit d'auteur; Article de qualité; Bon article; Lumière sur; À faire; Archives. Modèle:Vaisseau Le Destroyer stellaire Acclamator, aussi connu sous le nom de Vaisseau d'Assaut de la République, a été fabriqué par l'Ancienne République pour transporter son armée de clones (avec moto-speeders et marcheurs). L'Ancienne République en a fait construire plus d'un milliers et les a dotés d'équipages et de troupes clones. Premier vaisseau en forme de dague, ce qui.

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